Engagement Stories

Our new Blog

Our new Blog

Eklektic is going to be showcasing our customer engagement stories. It will be about the process of choosing the ring, how they proposed, and beautiful pictures of the ring!
Every piece that we produce is carefully designed and masterfully created by our classically trained jewelers who carry our tradition and vision with our customers in mind. We value our customers and want to make them feel special.
If you are thinking of getting a custom engagement ring from us or even a jewelry from our collection, browse through our customers stories to see the amazing pieces we produce. It might give you that extra little push to shop at our store in person or online.
If you are interest in being featured in our blog post, email sandysantos@eklektic.com. Add a description about your jewelry and the story behind it, could be as detailed as you want. Also attach any pictures that you would like to add as part of your story.

If you don't know how to start here are a few questions that can start you off:

  • Was the whole process of choosing the ring stressful or easy?
  • How did you propose?
  • Were you nervous or confident when the day was approaching?
  • Was your partner expecting you to propose?.

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